How You Can Make a Difference

Climate Initiatives

Our non-profit works with organizations to implement massive carbon sinks and reduce emissions. Unfortunately most people do not have access to large scale solutions, but that does not mean you can't make a difference. In fact,  consumers control the market and clear a path for organizations like ours to make an impact.

Here are 7 ways you can help save the world from climate change:

Buy Local

You might be surprised how much buying local products makes an impact. Not only does it reduce carbon emitted by transportation, but you are supporting local businesses. I encourage you to do your research and ask questions. Buying locally from a factory farm or the local manufacturing plant might not be the best answer, but buying from a local family farm or artisan that lives close by is definitely a worthy investment.


Join a CSA and explore your local markets. Even in the winter you can find soaps, candles, clothing made from local wool, foods such as bread, meat, herbs and sauces and so much more!

Plant a Tree or Two

This is the classic response to people wanting to help reduce Climate Change and people are often disappointed by how much carbon a sapling actually sinks a year, however that number grows as the tree ages and the return is constant for as long as the tree lives.


Trees are important for so many reasons, they increase habitat, help create rainfall, pump water with their roots, increase the amount of important fungi in the soil and if you pick the right trees, help pollinator species too. Do some research on the best trees for your area and get planting!


Volunteering for organizations like us that help combat climate change is crucial.


Whether you are helping plant trees, change policy or fundraise, climate change is a big task and we need all the help we can get.

Say "No"

Saying no and complaining are some of the most important methods to creating change and ties into the first paragraph on this page. Demand creates supply. Let's look at some examples; here in North America there was an uproar about using plastic straws at the beginning of 2019. Since then a lot of businesses have switched to paper straws. There are an estimated 7.5 million straws on the American coastline alone, reducing this waste is a great start to minimizing the plastic in our oceans. Another example are the millions of people we watched strike for climate action thanks to Greta Thunberg. Demand for climate action is now impossible to ignore. What about you? Hop on the wagon when uprisings like these happen, but do not forget to say no in your day to day life. No I will not buy from said company, no I will not buy said item, no I will not use my car unless I need it. This changes demand and creates a market for sustainable products and services. 

Drive Less and Use Less Energy

Tagging onto our last topic of saying no, remember that your energy consumption matters. The majority of carbon emissions come from residential, commercial and industrial energy. That includes your house. If everyone used 50% less electricity we would save billions of tonnes of carbon, and create demand for emission free alternatives. Transportation accounts for roughly 14% of carbon emissions, although this number depends on your source, that is a huge amount of carbon. Take the train, bus, bike or walk to where you need to go, especially on nice days. This brings us to our November Challenge you can see more about here.

Buy it Once

As previously stated, industrial electricity and production is a huge contributor to climate change. Buy things with a lifetime warranty and they are less likely to break or get ruined. This way you save money and the environment. Buying less and buying used are also important parts of the equation.  A good rule of thumb, if you do not need it, don't buy it. If you do need it, try to get it second hand or with a lifetime warranty. Remember, the better you treat your stuff, the longer it will last. 



Donating to organizations that are working on mitigating climate change makes a huge impact. Without donations, sponsorship or grants, most climate initiatives (including ours) could not survive. One day we hope to move away from donations and into selling quality, low impact items to fund our action plan and help shape the demand we have talked so much about. For now, we rely on your support and can-do attitude!

There you have it, 7 ways to help solve climate change. As you can see, how you live your daily life can make an extraordinary impact on carbon emissions both directly and indirectly by changing demand; the very reason we have electric cars and paper straws.


Thanks for reading and good luck on saving the world.

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